wa'el headshot

Wa'el Hashad

President and Chief Executive Officer

Our employees are a reflection of our culture. Attracting, retaining, developing and nurturing the best talent combined with the right environment allows us to innovate, succeed and achieve.

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Dalton Headshot

Dan Dalton

Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

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aneta headshot

Aneta Ferguson

Executive Director, General Counsel

Avanir is such a dynamic environment and offers challenging and very versatile work that allows us to bring treatment options to patients where no treatments were available before.

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pierre headshot

Pierre-Louis Lezotre, PhD

Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs

People working in the pharmaceutical industry should have only three words in mind: patient, integrity and seriousness.

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locklear headshot

Lisa Locklear

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

We aim to be trusted partners providing expertise and value to the business. We do this as part of a team that builds processes and technology in support of our future.

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Linda MacDonald - black & white headshot

Linda MacDonald

Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Perfect innovation is an oxymoron. Innovation is having the courage to fail and the nerve to be non-consensus yet right.

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Hisanori Headshot

Hisanori Maei

Vice President, Business Planning and Alliance Management

Compassion is one of our core values. To be compassionate, we need to be genuinely concerned about the other person or people’s needs.

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parker headshot

Kelly Parker

Executive Director, Chief People Officer

One of the most important and powerful things we do is invest in our people. Career development is an ongoing collaborative process, driven by employees with support from managers.

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